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Interested in professional tattoo removalremoval of permanent make-up or brightening your tattoo to prepare a cover-up?
Then yoare at the right place at Ink free.

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Our new institute in Stuttgart

The professional tattoo removal at your medical team is also available in Ludwigshafen.

Have you been thinking about changing your tattoo for some time or are you dissatisfied with your current tattoo? Laser technology, in particular the Picolaser, has proven to be the most gentle way to remove unwanted tattoos. The light from the laser breaks down the color particles of the tattoo and reduces them to such an extent that the color particles can then be broken down by the body.

Advanced laser technology is also available at the Stuttgart location. First, seek medical advice on how to remove your tattoo in the best possible way. If you are interested in getting a new tattoo stitched over the old tattoo, we can also prepare your skin optimally for it. The old motif is lightened up and removed in some places.

In addition, your permanent make-up can be removed reliably. Make-up eyebrows without having to constantly put on make-up is an advantage. If you don’t like the Permanent Mak-up anymore, then it’s rather annoying and unpleasant. However, you don’t have to worry about it, as we can remove the permanent make-up with modern laser technology in Ludwigshafen.

Tattoo removal at ink free

Trust in our expertise!

 Consultation and treatment by a doctor

 Most commonmost effective and a very skin-friendly method for removing tattoos

 Unloved tattoos can be removed without a trace  without negative markswithout scars

 All colours can be treated

 No special skin preparation necessary

 The skin areas without tattooing remain unaffected by the laser effect

 The use of a skin-gentle laser does not cause any injuries to the skin

 Cellular changes of the skin are not to be expected

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0621 – 702 923 39

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The best technology and expertise

Your way to tatoo-free skin

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1. Contact us

Are yointerested in tattoo removal, but do not know what yowill expect in terms of physical effects and the cost of the treatmentCall us and arrange your individual consultation with one of our specialists.

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2. Take note of your consultation

We welcome yoshortly after the appointment for your personal consultation at the institute of your choiceThe respective specialist will inform yoabout the opportunities and risks involved in removing the unwanted tattooIn additionhe or she will explain to yothe technique and which is best suited to your needs and explain to yothe costs involved in the removal.

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3. Think about it

Once yohave received all the informationconsider whether yowould like to have the unwanted tattoo removed using laser technology.

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4. Take the plunge

If yoare ready and yostill want the removal of the tattoo for you, contact us again and make an appointment to remove the tattoo using advanced laser technology and medical expertise from our team of specialists.

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5. Your treatment

Make the most of your appointment and trust in the expertise of our team of specialists. Safety and health are paramount. Our specialists know this and therefore proceed very carefully and professionally during the treatment.

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6. Aftercare

Aftercare is importantFor this purposeyohave received from our team of specialists all the necessary guidelineswhich yoshould observe after the treatmentHoweverif yoare unsure whether the development of the skin after the treatment is so normaldo not hesitate and contact us to arrange a check-up appointmentThe team of specialists assesses the treated area and takes care of the further steps.

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