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You will receive medical care from experts.
State-of-the-art technology with the ND:YAG-Laser & Picolaser.

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modern technolgy and medical treatment

ink free tattoo removal

With state-of-the-art technology and medical care for skin-protective tattoo removal. Your competent partner in the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up in more and more locations.


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ND:YAG laser

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The doctor at ink free will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of getting rid of annoying tattoos with the help of laser technologies.

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In order to be able to say exactly which technique is right for your needs, a specific analysis of the tattoo and the skin is very important.

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With the help of the latest technology, the superfluous tattoo can be removed effectively and gently.


Call us to schedule your no-obligation consultation to match your desires of a new tattoo or tattoo-less smooth skin.

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Tattoo-free skin without scars

Welcome to ink free at one of our many locations. Your competent partner for the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up. In our laser centers we remove your unwanted tattoos by our doctors.

+ medical care
+ best laser technology
+ no contractual obligation
+  many years of experience

Tattoo removal withour scars & removal of permanent make-up

Would you like to have a complete tattoo (or parts of it) or your permanent makeup (e.g. on your eyebrows) removed? Modern laser technology has revolutionized tattoo removal and the technology is constantly evolving. With ink free’s modern laser technology, scar-free tattoo removal is possible. Hence, we work with both, the advanced neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser (ND:YAG laser) and the innovative pico laser. In just a few sessions, you can have your unloved tattoo completely removed or prepared for a cover-up.

Best technologies for highest standards

Tattoo removal without lasers is possible in other institutes, but it is not recommended in any case. Here, especially the surgical intervention is often popular. The big disadvantage of this treatment is the fact that a scar of this operation remains the whole life and ultimately reminds again of the tattoo. You can avoid this, if you choose the professional and scar-free removal of your tattoo with light. The laser beam hits the color pigments only and destroys them. The skin is merely irritated at the beginning of the healing process, but does not show any surgical intervention influences. This is particularly successful with our revolutionary picolaser.

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Dr. med. Björn Frey


Thanks to our team of experts and doctors around Dr. med. Björn Frey, we are your professional partner for tattoo removal. Trust in the best service from SKIN CONCEPT.

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Answers to the most important questions
concerning our laser-treatment-method
for a gentle and non-scarring tattoo removal.

Why a tattoo

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Read more about the most frequent
motives reasons for a tattoo removal.
The reasons differ a lot.


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You have questions regarding
the treatment-method or want to make
a consultation appointment at ink free?

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Remove unwanted tattoos and permanent make-up from the skin simply using the latest technology and medical expertise. Say goodbye to annoying tattoos.

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Tattoo removal at one of our many institutes. Do you want to remove a tattoo or a small part of a tattoo? Modern laser technology revolutionized the removal of tattoos and the technique is evolving continuously. Thanks to our modern laser-technology, a non-scarring tattoo removal is possible. We can remove your unwanted tattoo in just a few sessions.

Do you want to remove a new tattoo? Even if your tattoo was recently done, it can be easily removed. The light of the laser is targeted to stimulate the color pigments to fade, and so your tattoo is disappearing gradually! Do not worry; there are many other people, who are thinking about getting their tattoo removed, right after they had it done! ink free offers professional tattoo removal. You can feel at ease in our comfortable premises. Our trained staff can competently advise you in everything that concerns tattoo laser removal! If you want to learn more about tattoo removal, costs, effect or our laser technique, then make a consultation appointment, we look forward to seeing you!

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