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Why a tattoo removal?

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Reasons for a tattoo removal

What does glacier-mummy Ötzi from the neolithic period and David Beckham have in common? Both have tattoos. Mummys from Chile situated that human got tattoos for over 7000 years. The function and meaning of tattoos changed over the years. Once decoration of sailor, gangs and prisoners, tattoos are nowadays popular in every social class – whether it might be as passing fashion, spiritual expression or religious closeness. Therefore, it is no surprise that approximately ten million people are tattooed in Germany – that is 12 percent of the german population. The germans get their first tattoo mostly at the age 16 to 20.

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However, not everyone is satisfied with their tattoo forever. According to an internet research, with 4.000 participants, about five percent want to get their tattoo removed. In projection to the population in Germany, this number equals 500.000 people that want to get their tattoo removed. Applied to Heidelberg this means about 7.480 people are dissatisfied with their tattoo. The removal of tattoos is also nothing new in our society.

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The most frequent reasons for a tattoo removal

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In recent years, the tattoo trend has increased. More and more people want an image on the skin, which expresses their personality. Previously, tattoos were attributed to fringe groups and were considered unsightly, but in today’s modern society tattoos are accepted and have become public. In the U.S., a man even had his eyeballs tattooed to have something completely outlandish. There are no limits to the trend. The tattoo motifs have to become more and more extraordinary and elaborate, which, however, brings many tattoo artists to their limits. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that not every fancy motif really succeeds in the end.

Changing fashion trends:

Today the tattoo is popular; tomorrow it is a fashion sin. It is very uncomfortable for the owner of the tattoo if the fashion trend is over but the tattoo is still there. For example, a coccyx tattoo, also named as “Arschgeweih”, this was a big trend in the 90’s but today most people deride it.

Spelling mistakes:

Especially foreign letters, signs or texts are tattooed on with a spelling mistake, so the owner has to live with it even if it was not their fault. These mistakes are not only embarrassing but family and friends also make often fun of the failed tattoo. Therefore, it is a valid reason to get rid of that tattoo mistake quickly.

Job and career:

Tattoos can be the reason people can’t start their career in some areas in the economy or public work. Especially in very conservative fields, as the financial sector, visible tattoos are an absolute no-go and can get in the way of getting your dream job. A tattoo removal makes it possible to start your career in these fields.


Many couples decide to get a partner tattoo, mostly the name of the partner. In most cases the tattoo stays for a lifetime, but not every relationship, so people have the problem that the name of their expartner is now tattooed on their skin. Especially if there is a new partner, a tattoo removal with laser is the best option to get rid of it as fast as possible.

New tattoo:

Many people want a new tattoo but the preferred bodyarea is already tattooed or the new motif would fit well next to the old one. Therefore, a tattoo removal with laser is the best option to make more space for the new tattoo.

Bad tattoo:

The internet and media is full of reports of bad or even terrible tattoos, because not every tattooist knows its craft. By now, there are even TV-shows where people with bad tattoos get cover-ups. Although there are cases where the tattoo cannot be corrected, because of too much color or size. A tattoo removal, using laser can be the only option in such cases.

Gangtattoos or group tattoos:

Especially in the right-wing scene or in the biker milieu a tattoo of your gang or group is considered normal. In contrast to permanent tattoos, interests or convictions can change. That is a reason why many people decide to get laser tattoo removal, after they exit groups or scenes. Especially in summer time when people want to go swimming, but still got their old tattoos, for example former neo-Nazis it’s very inconvenient.

Tattoos and religion:

Tattoos are generally accepted for christians and also not forbidden. This doesnt apply to every religion. In Islam and Judaism, tattoos are criticized because it is seen as a change of the god-given body. A conversion to another religion without a tattoo removal could be difficult. As a big constrast the hinduism and Buddhism are in favor of tattoos, where there are even monks which are specialized in spiritual tattoos.

Allergic reactions:

Some people are allergic to the color of tattoos. In the most harmless cases the tattoo just needs longer to heal or it just itches a little bit more. But some people have such strong reactions that, in connection with sunrays, the tattoos burst open, what results in unpleasent wounds or even permanently open parts of skin. With such extrem reactions to tattoo color, a laser removal could be a good idea.

Removal of „ disfigured“ tattoos, due to medical operations (scarring etc.).

Apart from this there are many other reasons why people want to remove their tattoo. And with this decision there comes diverse methods how to remove it. The most common method is certainly the laser tattoo- removal. Learn more about this method.

*source: Spiegel Online (recent retrieval: 01-06-21)

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The best technology and expertise

Of course, the technique used is particularly crucial in the treatment. Of course, best results in laser tattoo removal can only be achieved if the best technology is used, such as the Picolaser. Find out more about our ways to remove your tattoo effectively and without scars


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Of course, the technique used is particularly crucial in the treatment. Of course, best results in laser tattoo removal can only be achieved if the best technology is used, such as the Picolaser. Find out more about our ways to remove your tattoo effectively and without scars.

ND:YAG laser

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The neodymium YAG laser is considered to be a particularly effective method for dealing with the removal of tattoos. The concentrated light in the form of laser breaks down the colour pigments introduced into the skin and enables the body’s own macrophages to break down these particles.

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