Why a tattoo?

Reasons for a tattoo

There are many different reasons why people decide to get a tattoo, which is not so easily removed or even stays on the skin forever. The motifs of the tattoos are just as different as the reasons why people decide to get a tattoo.

Tattoo Warum

Tattoos are the current trend

In the last few years the trend to get a tattoo has increased. More and more people have the desire to get a motif on their skin, which shows their personality. Today tattoos are mostly accepted in our society and belong to our normality, but earlier tattoos were rather associated with fringe groups and were seen as very pleasant. That’s also a reason why many people want to get more unusual tattoos, so that they stick out of the mass. A man in the USA had done a tattoo on his eyeballs to make him especially unusual. There are no boundaries. The tattoo motifs have to be more unusual and extravagant, which can be a challenge to some tattooist, and so not every tattoo is successful.

Tattoos show our personality

A tattoo can underline your personality. It does not matter if you show your love for your favorite soccer club or perpetuate your hobby on your skin. Just as clothing, tattoos contribute to show your individuality and say mostly a lot about the owner. However, you should think about your decision of getting a tattoo very thoroughly, because the removal can be very complex and painful.

A tattoo as a memento

A tattoo generally stays for a lifetime and with this, great memories can be captured. Many parents are getting their children’s birth date tattooed on, to have their loved ones always by their side. Names of people who have passed are also often tattooed as a memory. Also a lot of couples decide to get a partner tattoo, what we discourage you from doing. The most relationships are not forever, which is not the same with the tattoo and you have to wear your ex-partner on your skin.

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Professional assistance

Does not matter for what reason you want to remove your tattoo, our professional team is there for you and advises you from your first decision to remove the tattoo up until the last treatment, to satisfy your wish of the complete or partial removal of the tattoo.

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Consultation appointment

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