6 good reasons why we trust tattoo laser removal:

  1. Because the lasertherapie is the most common, effective and most gentle method to remove tattoos.
  2. Because the unpleasent tattoo motifs are removed without a trace – without negative impressions, without scars..
  3. Because the laser method doesnt need special skin preperation – long lead time is prevented.
  4. Because the skin areas without a tattoo are not affected by the laser.
  5. Because using special tattoo laser there are no injuries to the skin as with x-rays or UV-rays.
  6. Because skin cell mutations are not to be expected.

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Answers to the most important questions about our tattoo removal method:

Here you can find the answers to the most frequent questions about tattoo laser removal. If you have any questions or you want to directly make a non-binding consultation appointment, you can click here.
How does a laser removal take place?

Before every treatment there is an individual comprehensive consultation. After that a treatment appointment for the tattoo removal is arranged.

How does the laser tattoo removal work?

The color pigments of the tattoo are heated up through the laserbeams. This results in “bursting” of the pigments in little particle, which are removed by endogenous defence cells through the lymph. A big advantage in comparison to grinding down or surgical removal is that with our method there is almost no scarring. Watch the video.

How many sessions are necessary to completely remove my tattoo?

The number of laser-sessions depend primarily on six factors:

  1.  the used color,
  2.  modality of the pigmentation in the skin
  3.  size of the tattoo
  4.  depth of the pigmentation
  5.  quality of the tattoo,
  6.  reaction of the endogenous immune system

The exact duration and number of sessions are established in a first consultation appointment. The average sessions that are used to completely remove a tattoo are 5 to 10 sessions.

Who carries out the treatment?

The actual laser treatment is carried out by Nadine Talas, MD.

Is a laser treatment painful?

A tattoo removal using laser is comparatively painless. Occasionally patients compare the pain to getting a tattoo done.

Does my skin look normal after the removal?

The skin is intentional lightly injured by the laser beams. As with every injury of the skin, the laser treatment can cause short-term redness or little scars. Regularly the scars are so little that you cannot really see them with your eyes. It is also important in such scenarios what skin type you have. Thanks to our detailed aftercare, we can prevent long term scarring of the laser tattoo removal.

Which laser is used?

For a laser tattoo removal, we trust the Q-SKIN laser system, which works with a Q-switch YAG-Laser-Lightsource. The defaulted wavelength of 1064 nm is ideal for removing cold colors like black or dark blue. The exact halving of the wavelength to 532 nm is obtained through a special KTP-Converter. This wavelength is optimal suitable, especially for the removal of warm colors like red or brown. Source: http://www.tattoolaser.de/produkte/laser

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Permanent hair removal

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