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What is permanent make up and what do I have to expect?

The term „permanent make-up“ is not exactly defined and is therefore used for many cosmetical face tattoos. Every tattoo in the face area is not permanent only long-lasting. Our face is exposed daily to sunbeams and the included UV-rays, therefore permanent make-up is fading faster than body tattoos which are covered by our clothes.

Furthermore, the color for body tattoos is generally put further into the skin and more extensive. The process for tattoos in the face area (permanent make-up) is way more gentle, because the tattoo can easily appear too dominant. The most common make-up treatments are artificially pigmentation of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip contour.

Depending on the skin type, the permanent make-up lasts up to five years, in special cases up to ten years, and then has to be renewed.

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With younger skin, permanent make-up generally fades faster than with older skin. How much time it needs until the tattoo is completely faded is influenced by mistakes during the treatment.

Common mistakes of permanent make-up:

  • the eyebrows are tattooed on too high,
  • left and right brow are pigmented in different heights,
  • the color appears different as desired or
  • the lip line has been slipped or is drawn on to thick.

These are mistakes which are often repeated with permanent make-up.
Even if the permanent make-up is correctly tattooed on, fashion and so make-up trends is continously changing and the old shape is not what you want to wear anymore.

The solution is permanent make-up laser removal.

Please have a look at our partner for permanent hair removal with the state-of-the-art XENOgel technology. We are looking forward to see you! Haarfreiheit Heidelberg

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