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Pico laser

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Be free from tattoos with the best technology

Tattoo removal with the pico laser

In the course of every life, decisions can be made which do not suite the personality anymore. This also applies to regretted and outdated tattoos, which many people carry with them and they would gladly get rid off forever. Not only failed tattoos, but also motifs which are just outdated and are nothing but a burden anymore – such as a tattoo of the name of a former partners.

There are different options to remove such unpleasant motifs: A full or partial removal of a tattoo. There are also different methods for a removal. A laser treatment offers an efficient and gentle method for a tattoo removal. This effective method removes tattoos without great risks. During the treatment the discomfort keeps within limits and there are no remaining scars. Some customers say, that it feels like a rubber band which is snapped onto the skin. Then again other people say it is a similar feeling to getting a tattoo. The treatment with the laser is very quick though. Already after a few minutes the session is over.

How does it work?

When getting a tattoo, the colour is inserted into the second skin layer, also called dermis. This process is now getting reversed with the laser. The photomechanical effect of the laser beam ensures that the colour particles heat up for a split second and burst into many small pieces, which are removed from the body with the help of the lymphatic system. That can only take place in a small area, hence there are various sessions necessary, if a bigger tattoo has to be removed

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During a treatment our high-performance picosecond laser, which was developed for aesthetic medicine, is glided over the skin and removes tattoos more reliable, quick and less painful than ever. The laser sends out extremely short energy impulses, we talk about trillionths of seconds, into the skin. With this technology the pulse width is a hundred times smaller as with the nanotechnology. Here an especially intensive photomechanical effect is obtained, which is noticeable stronger than with the common nanosecond laser. For visualizing this, we compare the colour pigments of the tattoo in the skin to rocks. Nanotechnology shatters the rocks into pieces, picosecond-technology makes sand out of the rocks, which can be easily removed. This way the body can easily get rid off the crushed colour pigments.

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What are the advantages of a tattoo removal with the pico laser?

The pico laser is an innovative tool to remove permanent make-up and tattoos. This technique is on the market since May 2017 and is still in research at one of the Ruhruniversität clinics in Bochum. With the laser the unwanted tattoos can be removed gently and without scars. Furthermore, the process is almost painless and done in a few sessions. This is a significant progress as opposed to the older laser techniques. What costs could occur for a tattoo removal, you can easily find out in a non-binding consultation. The price depends on the size and extent of the tattoos.

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Tattoo removal with experts

At ink free we trust in the latest laser-technique, since it is the most effective method for removing tattoos gently and without scars. The unwanted motifs are disappearing without a trace and not even a negative imprint remains. It does not require any time-consuming preparation of the skin for our special laser technique, this way there is no long waiting period and the customer can secede from their tattoo quicker. Since the laser effects only the colour pigments, skin areas without tattoos are not impaired by the laser. By using our laser no damages of the skin will occur, because the cells of the skin are not changed by the laser. For this reason, this special laser beam is very different to sun or X-rays. Before every treatment a detailed consultation takes place.

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