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ND:YAG laser

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Professional tattoo removal with the best technique

The ND:YAG Laser by ink free

Laser technology is not just laser technology. It is one of our quality standards that we only work with devices that have been tested and certified in advance. These are technically up to date and meet our high standards for professional and effective tattoo removal.

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The technology

ND:YAG laser stands for neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser and describes the technical structure of the device. This technology is a solid-state laser. The active element of the laser is the neodymium-doped YAG crystal. The neodymium atoms in this are excited by the bundled light that hits them. This generates high-energy light pulses which have a certain wavelength thanks to this special technology. The ND: YAG laser works at both 532 nm and 1064 nm. Depending on the wavelength set other colors can be addressed. For example, red, orange and to a certain extent, yellow can be addressed at a wavelength of 532 nm. At 1064 nm these are the colors purple, black and brown.

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The ND:YAG laser

When tattooing regardless which motif and which color you choose, the tattoo needle pierces the skin. The permanent up and down movement of the needle brings the color pigments under the skin piece by piece. The destination of the color pigments is the middle layer of the skin. On the one hand, this is so deep that it is no longer wiped off or rinsed out in the case of a superficial wound. At the same time it is not so deep that the body can break it down directly. In addition the color particles are so large that they cannot be attacked by the macrophages in the body. Rather every single color pigment is encapsulated under the skin and basically remains there for a lifetime.

The attitude to having a tattoo often changes in life. What was once a trend can become a burden after a while. In addition some motifs are not perfectly engraved. It is not uncommon for the tattoo to have spelling mistakes that are more than unpleasant and undesirable.

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Professional removal of tattoos

Thanks to the professional tattoo removal from ink free, it is no longer necessary to see an unwanted tattoo all over again: the laser light and the wavelength set to the corresponding color hits the color pigments. These are heated for a fraction of a second and then “burst”. This process is absolutely necessary in order to make the color particles “smaller”. Because they are broken up and disintegrate into smaller particles, the body’s own immune system now has the opportunity to gradually transport the particles away via the lymphatic system.

Do you already know our Picolaser? This technique is more effective than the ND:YAG-laser. Get to know more about this further technology here.

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